Oven Cleaning in Brighton, Hove, Seaford, Peacehaven and Eastbourne, Sussex 콘스탄틴 다운로드.

We are a professional oven cleaning service based in East Sussex, providing a reliable service in Brighton and the surrounding areas 임포스터 다운로드. We clean all types of ovens, ranges, AGAs, extractor hoods, hobs and grills.

Our oven cleaners deep clean your oven removing all traces of grease and carbon build-up from your oven, hob or AGA 다운로드. Let us help get your oven look like new. Our biodegradable, eco-friendly solutions mean your oven is completely safe to use as soon as our fully trained cleaners have completed the job ios 업데이트 자동!

Making Your Oven Shine

Firstly, our technicians will strip down the appliance by removing all the shelves, interior ‘self-cleaning’ panels and fan guard (behind which an amazing amount of gunge normally lurks) 다운로드. These parts then go in to a custom-made van based heated system where the grease and burnt on food deposits are ‘erased’.

Our technician returns to the oven where our specially developed, eco friendly, caustic-free formula is applied in to the interior of the oven papers please 다운로드. Using our cleaning tools and some hard work, all grease and burnt on carbon are completely de-greased and polished along with the bits that you cant normally get to (i.e 다운로드. Around the fan, between the door glass etc). The remaining parts in the system are then rinsed off, then the oven is re-assembled.

Using our de-greasing solution, the exterior of the oven and hob is cleaned, polished and left shining 영화 조이 다운로드. Now your vital appliance is gleaming and really does look ‘like new’ inside and out.

The same kind of care and attention can also be given to your hob, extractor-hood (including free primary filter), Range, aga and microwave 적하목록 다운로드.

No caustic chemicals are used at all in our cleaning system 다운로드. We value our own health just as importantly as yours and as we use the products all day every day, we feel it is important that there are no harmful of toxic fumes.


HBA43B251B_SS_SingleOven_RO_AR_LNo Hidden Extras

Single Oven £50.00

Single Oven & Electric Hob £60.00

Single Oven & Gas Hob £70.00

Single Oven & Extractor £70.00

Single Oven & Electric Hob & Extractor £70.00

Single Oven & Gas Hob & Extractor £80.00


BI70FP_SS_DoubleOven_RO_AR_LNo Hidden Extras

Double Oven £60

Double Oven & Electric Hob £70.00

Double Oven & Gas Hob £80.00

Double Oven & Extractor £80.00

Double Oven & Electric Hob & Extractor £90.00

Double Oven & Gas Hob & Extractor £100.00


rangemaster-90cm-lpg-range-cooker-clas90lpfcr-b-classic_large_1892No Hidden Extras

Range Oven £80.00

Range Oven & Gas Hob OR Extractor £110.00

  Range Oven, Gas Hob & Extractor £120.00